Trevor Burton - Long Play

Long Play is the first solo album of Trevor Burton, co-founder of iconic British sixties psych rock band The Move. It is like nothing he has ever done before. 

Long Play features 11 tracks, including 2 songs penned by Trevor as well as interpretations of 9 modern classics, and classics yet to be discovered: tunes from contemporary songwriters like Vic Chesnutt, John Vanderslice, Jeff Mangum of Neutral Milk Hotel, John Darnielle of the Mountain Goats and more.

The album is carefully curated and arranged by Trevor to reflect the world he sees today.  Stripped down to its bare essence, Long Play is a painfully honest and naked album that transcends generational divides. It is an album about today. 

Each performance is acoustic and raw, a stark departure from Trevor’s legendary electric blues and heavy rock style, but as natural and honest as a set of performances can be.  

Each song is unmistakably Trevor Burton, both classic and new at once. Culminating a long career and all the lessons learned from a lifetime of rock and roll – from the Move to Balls, Pink Fairies and the Steve Gibbons Band - Long Play is an album about today.

Birmingham has always loomed large in the legend of Trevor Burton, and permeates every second of Long Play.  The album was recorded at Rain Studios on Highbury Road in King's Heath, Birmingham, which is depicted on the album's front cover.

Re-purposed in the 1970s from a cricket bat factory by Bob Lamb, former drummer for the Steve Gibbons Band, the space was dubbed Highbury Studios, and seminal Birmingham bands such as UB40 and Duran Duran recorded early tracks in the space.

Opened again in 2016 under its new name, Rain Studio provided an infrastructure for an ambience and style that allows Trevor to explore new sounds and new styles, while maintaining his legendary soul and spirit. 

Trevor is joined on a few songs by friends that add just the right amount of texture to Trevor's bare performance.  Abby Brant adds haunting vocals, keys on several songs and, on one track, the harmonium. 

Jack Hayter, a multi-instrumentalist and singer/songwriter who was previously a member of the  British cult classic band Hefner, also contributes with his pedal steel guitar on one song.  The result is sad, sultry and completely transparent to its emotion..

Record Store Day UK 2018.  Long Play will be released in both the UK and the US on Record Store Day UK 2018 on 21 April as a limited-edition of 1,000 blood-red 180-gram vinyl records, and a small run of cassettes. While supplies last, each vinyl album comes with a limited-edition bonus CD, including three songs Trevor plays with a full electric band; fiery renditions of tunes from Phish, The White Stripes and The Weakerthans, reminding us Trevor is still, in every way, a Brummie rocker.

Side One

1.  Hit and Run (T. Burton)

2.  Be Positive (D. Callaci)

3.  Poverty Draft (A. Scorch)

4.  I'm Alright (S. Cook-Parrott)

5.  In the Aeroplane Over the Sea (J. 


6. Wild Flowers (T. Petty)

Side Two

1.  Flirted With You All My Life (V.     


2.  When it All Comes Down (T.


3.  Just Breathe (E. Vedder)

4.  After it Ends (J. Vanderslice)

5.  Andrew Eldritch is Moving Back to

     Leeds (J. Darnielle)

Trevor is joined by a couple of his friends and colleagues on a few tracks.  Thanks, love and respect for their amazing contributions. 

Abby Brant: keyboards on Side One tracks 1, 4, 5, 6 and Side Two, tracks 3, 5; backing vocals on Side One, tracks 4 and 6; Side Two, track 3; harmonium on Side Two, track 1

Jack Hayter:  pedal steel guitar on Side One, Track 1.